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‘I’m a Finance Professional GET ME OUTTA HERE’ – Conference review

The very successful ‘I’m a Finance Professional – Get me outta here' SALGFMG Conference was held on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 December 2016 with a different venue at the Adelaide Oval, War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide. The Conference committee had a wonderful line up of speakers who covered various topics which were both enlightening and entertaining.

The Financial Management Group would like to thank our sponsors for their continued support of the conferences as they have enabled a program with high calibre speakers. A number of speakers have been generous in allowing their presentation to be available to our members. Click Here (Membership login to the website is first required for the link to function).

Day 1 Workshop 

Taxable Payments Reporting for Government Entities
Session covered up-coming requirements, about who and what needs to be reported.
Robert Muscat, Australian Taxation Office (presentation on website)

Price Regulation for Small-scale Water and Sewerage Service Retailers
Overview of ESOSA’s role in regulating the South Australian water sector.
Stuart Peevor, Essential Services Commission of SA (presentation on website)

Model Financial Statements
Review of model financial statements 2016, in preparation for the update for June 2017.
David Maxwell, Coalface Software Solutions

An Auditor’s Perspective of the 2015/16 Financial Statements
Update and “hot topics” covered from the SA Local Government Auditor's Group, following 2015/16 round of audits.
Tim Muhlhausler, Partner, Galpins

Panel Session - Model Financial Statements
Session to provide feedback and raise questions regarding the Model Financial Statements and Council’s Audit.
Facilitator: Tim Muhlhausler, Galpins
David Papa, Bentleys SA,
Geoff Edwards, BDO,
David Maxwell, Coalface Software Solutions

Better Practice Model – Internal Financial Controls Framework
Review/findings of original Internal Controls Implementation (Better Practice Model). Covered risk approach, plus revision of framework to improve model.
Annette Martin, City of Charles Sturt
Kyffin Thompson, BDO (presentation on website)

Risk Manager and Control Manager – Now Live and With More Modules to Follow!
Session covered new key features and the near-future direction of ControlTrack.
Steve Wooding, ControlTrack (presentation on website)

Budgets – Behind the Scenes
Sharing of insights and processes in the budget for City of Salisbury.
Kate George, City of Salisbury (presentation on website)


To cap the end of the first day, events started with pre-dinner drinks, downstairs at the Adelaide Oval, with some overly-adventurous creatures being present, of note a baby crocodile and a snake, in-line with the theme title of this conference. Dinner was upstairs, followed by entertainment from Luke McGregor. The end of the night had a DJ, with reports of copious movement on the dance floor into the late hours of Thursday!

Day 2 Conference

In Conversation with the AASB
Discussion on relevant accounting standards and the impact on Council’s.
Mark Shying, AASB Research Fellow (presentation on website)

Small Councils and Financial Management – When Things Go Bump in the Night
Practical scenario of where vigilance in financial matters is important.
Stephen Rufus, District Council of Orroroo Carrieton (presentation on website)

Rate Capping: Armageddon or Independence Day?
Session covered re-introduction of rate-capping in Victoria and findings on this change.
Graham Sansom, University of Technology Sydney (presentation on website)

Planning for Change – SA’s New Planning System
Covered new planning system and changes to the roles and responsibilities of Councils.
Lisa Teburea, Local Government Association of SA (presentation on website)

You Have Discovered a Fraud – Where to Now?
Covered practical steps and pitfalls when discovering a fraud within the workplace.
Wayne Gilbert, PKF Kennedy (presentation on website)

A Practical Approach to Valuing and Depreciating Road Assets
Sharing of research findings in Local Government. Covered reliable valuation, condition, useful life and depreciation as factors that vary between Councils.
Jeff Roorda, Technology One (presentation on website)
John Comrie, JAC Comrie Pty Ltd (presentation on website)

Special Guest – Anna Meares
Sharing of experiences, covering handling defeats, specifically sharing the journey and determination from a potentially career ending injury.
Anna Meares

python    meares
We had a visit from a Python named Julia Gillard.   Our inspirational Keynote Speaker Anna Meares.
Fraud in your business—some things you need to know

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